At Roselli Griegel Lozier, P.C., we provide trusted experience to our individual land use and development clients.  Our land use attorneys have years of experience in developing major projects from the perspective of both the private and public sectors.  We have attorneys who have served as elected municipal officials and who have served upon township council, planning and zoning boards.  They have also served as municipal attorneys, planning board attorneys and zoning board attorneys.  As such, we are very knowledgeable in the law and procedures involved with land use and development. We have served private clients for major land use and development projects.

We also provide dispute resolution and litigation services.  If your application is unfairly denied, we are ready to litigate on your behalf.  Our experience with both the public and private sides of land development makes our firm well equipped to offer creative solutions to the multitude of issues that can arise during a land use application or project.  We are well accustomed to finding practical and economical solutions.

If you are seeking advice regarding:

  • Construction
  • Land use
  • Land development
  • Variances
  • Easements
  • Environmental issues
  • Municipal approvals
  • State or federal approvals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Litigation
  • Dispute avoidance
  • Appellate services
  • Project planning
  • Pertinent regulations

please contact us to consult with one of our attorneys.