Our firm takes pride in the depth of land use and development experience that it offers its clients.  We have experience in developing major projects from the perspective of both the private and public sectors.  Our attorneys have served as elected municipal officials and have also served upon township council, planning and zoning boards.  We have served as municipal attorneys, planning board attorneys and zoning board attorneys.  In that capacity, our firm has been an integral part of numerous large development approvals and construction.

This expertise carries over to our private client services where we have served as counsel for major land use and development projects.  We are able to work with local authorities and professionals to obtain approvals.  We work to keep projects moving forward efficiently and are able to navigate the difficult issues that arise.

If your project is unfairly denied or if an important determination is unfairly decided against you, we are able to litigate on your behalf.  Our attorneys are experienced in filing and litigating land use appeals.   Please also ask about our tax appeal services.