At Roselli Griegel Lozier & Lazzaro, P.C., we understand the importance of planning for the long-term security of your loved-ones and yourself. We are ready to consult with you to thoroughly analyze your estate. We will advise as to how you may advantageously transfer assets, establish guardianships, reduce taxes and plan for your possible future medical care. As well as helping our clients with planning and drafting legal documents, we also assist with all processes when it is time to put the plans into effect. If disputes arise, we are accomplished at litigating to protect the proper interests of our clients. The services we offer include the following:

Planning, document drafting and estate administration assistance:

  • Estate planning and evaluation
  • Wills/Codicils
  • Probate
  • Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Directives/Living Wills
  • Guardianships
  • Trusts
  • Estate administration where no Will exists
  • Executor and Administrator assistance with probate, managing and closing estates, locating beneficiaries, bank accounts, tax payment, transferring assets

Disputes and Litigation:

Disputes sometimes occur between beneficiaries, executors, administrators, relatives and others. We have experience in dispute resolution, whether it includes discussion, negotiations or even litigation. We have the knowledge and skill to protect our clients’ interests in all related areas including the following:

  • Challenges of Wills/Defense of Wills
  • Life insurance beneficiary issues
  • Pension issues
  • Litigation concerning interpretation and terms of Wills, trusts, insurance policies and other documents
  • Asset valuation and distribution disputes