Employees are protected by federal and state laws.  In addition, employees may be protected by contracts.  If you believe that your rights or agreements have been violated, or if you have general questions about employment related legal issues, please contact our firm and request a free consultation.   We assist our clients in contract review and drafting, negotiations, filing complaints, appearance before public enforcement boards, and arguing appeals.  We handle the following issues:

  • General employee legal issues
  • Wage and overtime law claims
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Hiring and termination issues and claims
  • Discrimination/wrongful termination/sexual harassment/retaliation claims
  • State investigations and appeals
  • Employee contracts
  • Non-compete agreements and litigation
  • Non-disclosure agreements and litigation
  • Benefits, disability and insurance issues and claims
  • Worker’s compensation/workplace injury claims
  • Employee/employer litigation and dispute resolution